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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Wheel

Ancient bones from empty moons
Beams of light in silent rooms
Hollow logs and children’s tunes
Floors swept bare with broken brooms

I live in forests of delight
Far from the factories of the night
Far from the seeping wounds of spite
From claws that tear and teeth that bite

And all the journeys I have made
And those who left and those who stayed
And curling flame and glinting blade
And money lost and debts unpaid

And fighting in the burning streets
And blood that stains the tangled sheets
And girls who lie and men who cheat
And live in love and dank deceit

And when the wheel turns round again
And spells the letters of my name
The broken hearts remain the same
And nothing’s lost and nothing gained

And walking through the windy streets
I draw the patterns of defeat
Although I know within me beats
A heart that cannot stay complete

And when the money’s nearly gone
And all is lost and all is won
You stay and fight or turn and run
From all you’ve done or left undone

And though we wade through blood and foam
And winds of chaos drive us home
We stand before, in wounded strife

The shining apple tree of life.

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