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Sunday, 13 April 2014

It's been a long time since my last blog. Many reasons, including loss of cat… Her name is Kiki: if you are living around Queen's Rd, Sketty, Swansea, keep an eye open for her. If you see her text/ring 07962 804 452
Oh, yeah, and there's a poem too...

The Missing Cat

The missing cat
Like a part of my mind gone missing
In long years past
I sneered at ‘Lost Cat’ posters
As I tie them now to lamp posts
In grey drizzle

The missing cat
Like some of my life deleted
With only broken memories left
And weekly phonecalls
To the council’s
Roadkill department

The missing cat
The missing heart
Beating, I pray, somewhere,
While all the while I imagine
Your shape
In every bush, every tree, every alley

The missing cat
Every parent that died
Every opportunity you missed
Every regret, every absence
Every breaking of every heart
Every friend and lover lost

The missing cat
My missing dreams
All that is lost or will be lost
Come together at the lamp post in the soaking rain
At this hard junction
Of the lost and found

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