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Saturday, 10 January 2015


If we are all Charlie Hebdo
Then we are all Muslims too

For Obama to condemn these murders
While his drones blast Afghan shepherds to hell and back
Is hypocrisy rank and dark

For Netanyahu to cast the first stone
While his savage army slaughters pebble-throwing children
And bombs schools with white phosphorus
Is duplicity twisted and black

State terrorism stinks as grossly
As the freelance variety

This despicable butchery
Has nothing to do with Islam
And was designed to spark a backlash against Muslims themselves

The very same day
Three grenades hit a mosque in Le Mans
A Muslim family driving their car were fired on
An explosion blew out the windows of a shop next door to a mosque

The booted thugs of the Front National
Will spread their poison in the wake of these murders
And the forces of the state will clamp down
On the jobless youth of the banlieues

We must not let innocent Muslims
Suffer for the acts of sectarians
Because an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

We cannot let racists and bigots divide us
For there is no race but the human race
And we need unity now like never before
And if we are all Charlie Hebdo
Then in truth we are all Muslims too

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